Passing the Torch of Legacy

$125.00 - $375.00
  • Passing the Torch of Legacy
  • Passing the Torch of Legacy

“Passing the Torch of Legacy”

In "Passing the Torch of Legacy," the artist captures not just a moment in time, but a timeless truth—the cyclical nature of leadership, the continuity of tradition, and the unbreakable bonds that unite sisters across the ages. As the torch is passed from hand to hand, its flame burns ever brighter, illuminating the path for those who follow and ensuring that the legacy of sisterhood endures for generations to come.
100 Artist-signed and numbered 11x14 print on archival paper, matted white, 16" x 20"

200 Artist-signed and numbered reproduction on gallery wrapped canvas, minimal hand embellishments, 18” x 24”- $295

100 Artist-signed and Numbered overpainted textured hand embellished reproduction on gallery wrapped canvas (closet resemblance to the original) , 24” x 30”- $375

Original sold for $1250 (sized at 24x36)